Made From Post-Consumer Parts

Over the years, there have been some pretty cool, old, off-mainstream pickups that are either rarely restored, or there just wasn’t many of them to begin with.



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What a cool truck! Thanks for bringing this to light. Iv'e seen a lot off cool and unusual vehicles over the years (including the ultra smooth slide valve engine Willies Overland cars) but I had never heard of Powell before. There must be other gems out there too. It's sad that the most innovative ideas too often end up back in the junkyard before they get their due. Keep up the good detective work!

Carlton Larsen more than 3 years ago

That Long Drawer Though!

Thanks Carlton, glad you enjoyed. The first picture I ever saw was similar to this one. When I saw the checker plate and the long drawer, I thought it was a customized Willys or International, as the shape is similar to either. To find out it was something along the lines of a kit car company who wanted to go mainstream, it was even better.

Kelly Kirk more than 3 years ago